Sunday, March 12, 2006


Playing in the rain

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I love these! Love how you froze the motion of the mud puddle splashing in the last one! Nice job, looks like she had a blast!
That's too cool! The beads of mud!

Pretty raingear too.
I've been checking you blog for nearly a year and have loved watching Dori grow up. I love your photos and it is just fun to stay connected. ((HUGS)) (justleeford)
Playing in the mud... fun!
Cleaning the laundry room after she came in... not so much.

Awesome shots, btw. Love the mid-air shot especially.
i love those shots.

very exiting and fun.

i wanna do that too!

you left us a comment long time ago. i didn't think any one ever leave a message. sorry it took a while.
sorry i didn't know how to use this.

this is us
That last one is just a totally brilliant shot. Colours, movement, cropping, sharpness, everything.
Gorgeous muddy puddle fun! Bet she loved that. Really nice, natural looking colours too.
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