Monday, November 07, 2005


Playing in the leaves

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Up to no good........
This shot is great, Malinda. I see the paintmay have faded due to ... lunch probably. The way her eyes are looking off to the right is unexpected and it makes the shot.
Oh, she's just the cutest!

Love the colors here.
I have a request! I'd like to see you do some shots of your kitty..or do you have more than one. I was intrigued by that shot of Dori in the tub with the kitty looking in on her. I wanna see more of that cat! Cats make such great models. ;)

Funny! I have a tub shot with Blake similar to the one you did but in a different position. Go to my blahg and check that one out. :)
Emme - I don't have a kitty. The pic is my chihuahua. I'll post a pic of him soon.
lol I'm sorry!! Did you check out the bathshot of Blake with our KITTY? lol It's in the 2nd post.

I'd love to see more of your chihuahua! ;)
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