Saturday, October 08, 2005


Rise & Shine

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What a great idea! I love the colors & expressions & how you laid out all of the faces.
That IS a great idea!!! I'm gonna do that too!

She looks good in the morning!!! How come her hair is so darn perfect? Brooke's would look like a mop!
Hmm...should I say for the third time that this is a good idea??

She's so adorable. I would have been the world's biggest crank if I were her.
Boy she wakes up nice a slowly. I wouldn't even have time to take apicture of her waking up before things were being thrown at me LOL

She's pretty in the morning, but who would doubt that?
So sweet Malinda! She is adorable! I love watching my girls wake up!
How cute! She is just adorable.
Great series, Malinda. Amazing she didn't wake up quicker, with all that snapping of your shutter going on!
Aww, how cute! Great series of images, nice work!
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