Monday, October 17, 2005


Making icecream cones

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Can you tell she had a great time??
Ah- life before calorie-counting: when ice cream soup and colored sprinkles were all we really needed; when we could eat like pigs and be considered adorable.

This could be my favorite post. Every image in the set is whimsical unto itself. And the dress is just right, too: pink with polka dots and ruffles. A very fitting outfit for an ice cream binge.

Dori looks so much like you!
Now THAT is adorable. Love the sprinkles.
A wonderful and enjoying set of images! :-)
How ADORABLE!!!! I love it! She is so darn cute!

Brooke has that shirt!
That looks like a lot of fun, and you've got some nice shots in there. It must have taken many hours to create this!
This is perfect Malinda! She does look like she had a great time! Tell me how does she not get the ice cream in those beautiful locks of hair? Or on her shirt?
Thanks....this one makes me really smile!
Very good pics!
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