Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Play time

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hi malida, thanks you for your nice comment.your shots are fantastic, very expressive and spontaneus.are they your children?

since our first daughter was born last sunday I guess she's going to be my main source of inspiration for some time ;-)
Oh, nostalgia is a terrible thing. Nevertheless, I love this set...especially the top photo. That one second of being airborne at the end of the slide - the best part. Great photos.
Great series, Malinda. hilarious.
Marc - congrats on your 1st daughter. I'm sure she'll keep you on your toes.
Dori is my only child. She is the one I post photos of most often. The other children are family or friends. :)
Malinda these are great photos of her playing. Dori makes a great subject, but you capture her perfectly.
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