Friday, August 26, 2005


I'm Baaaack!

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welcome aboard once again :P

btw, gr8 shot, like the focus on the hand, and the blurr on the feet. was this intentional? or it just came out that way?
Welcome back! :) good to see u again
Glad you're back. I only just found your site, but you child portraits are inspirational. You have a new fan!
Glad you're back and remember to leave some flowers for the rest of us to pick :-) My daughter is so bad about picking flowers its a wonder there's any left in our yard.
Welcome back! I've been looking forward to more posts. What a great pic! Love the pink and the yellow... the mix implies little kids and summer.
it is so nice :) I'm staring at it and smiling :)
I really like your photos a lot :)
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