Friday, July 08, 2005

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I'm going to Atlanta this weekend. I'll be back posting on Monday.
The lower shot in particular is a fabulous portrait - excellent work!
i agree with timurilenk, the lower potrait rocks!
Oh My Gosh! What beautiful children you have! I would like to know the name of digi-camera you used to take shots of your children. I enjoy your blog and you have a blessed day!
AlohaMamma - I use a canon 20D... it's a fantastic camera. :)
Lovely shots! amazing!
Thank you! And no wonder, many moms use canon 20D. Yet, many dads use Nikon D70 or D100. Have you visit both my blogs yet? Would love your feedback or comment..May I feature yours on my links so friends can visit your blog? Have awonderful day and hug your children!
Gorgeous shots! Do you do this professionally?

Ahh to have the 20D, I'm longing for one. I'll have to keep checking back here now that I know what you are using, let me see what I can do when I get mine! ;)

Kylie (
Kylie - no, I don't do this professionally... just a hobby. I like to take pictures for my family and friends so I have a variety of subjects. :)

AlohaMamma - What are the web addresses for your blogs? I only see a link to one of them in your profile. I'm on my way to check out that one right now. :)
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