Sunday, July 17, 2005


Happy birthday sweet Dori!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
Happy Birthday Dori...
Awww Happy Birthday sweet girl! They grow up too fast!

Kylie (
Happy birthday Dori :-)
I just love those expressions, especially the one where she's looking at what looks to be pants with a fancy belt. The lighting & color balance on everything is perfect, especially on the cake. What a beautiful girl.

Happy Birthday Dori!
really nice lighting, looks pretty natural. what kind of lens were you using?
Very nice lighting. Used cleverly. I like the different expressions on Dori's face. That's something great with children: they're 100% natural :)
Awesome! That cake looks great; I really like pastel colors. Happy birthday to Dori!
Happy Birthday Dori!
That is one sweet cake.
She is so cute! Belated b'day wishes...
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