Saturday, July 30, 2005


Girls just want to have fun!

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I really like these pics they made my day!
so cute! she's really having a good time :)
Very nice! She is such a great subject. I especially like the slight desaturation of the colors and pose of the second shot.
Excellent pictures ;)
Hey, it looks like you got some lights and a background setup, or at least I haven't seen pictures from you before that had this look. Spill the beans-- how'd you do the lighting! The pictures themselves have a great high key feel to them, with great expressions and color that just pops out of the white.
These are great Malinda!
I'm curious about your set up now too!
I'm still just using natural light. I just wanted to play around with something different. I used a large piece of white muslin from walmart for my backdrop. I went with +1 exposure compensation to blow out the white backdrop. Then I just had to adjust saturation, levels, and brightness/contrast in photoshop.
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