Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Fun on the Bike

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Dave rode Dori around the yard on his bike. She had a blast and wanted more, more, more!
I love the twin expression on the second one.
Love the last pic.
Cute! father and kid having a real nice time! her expressions are just too good. lovely shots
The arms outstretched pose is just too cute-- its great you captured it for posterity. My daughter loves the "freeloader" so we can go on long bike rides together:

When she was 1-3 the Burley trailer was also a big hit:
These are great! I like the third the best; great expression. Being a paranoid parent myself, I'm glad that Dave's fingers are right on that brake lever...
the second shot looks awesome.. mainly coz of the same shared experssion aross the faces!
How sweet, she's such an animated little girl!

Kylie (
These are great, her expression made me smile.
Good for you for capturing real life so effortlessly.
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