Wednesday, July 13, 2005



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A beautiful child well captured - I prefer the top one of the two - it is more flattering, has an interesting pose and the petals (?) on the ground are also attractive - I might suggest cropping the top portion away to remove a distraction which would make it even better IMO - nice one!
Thanks for the suggestion. I'll have to try a version with it cropped. :)
Hello! Listen to Timurilenk; he is photo professional and he have many beautiful photos, esp. patterns. I like the top picture with your daughter sitting on fallen's a classic kind. And the bottom photo..I could hug that baby!

Thank you for your comment and I have to say, " No.. thank you ... because it was your idea that inspired me and you have such a friendly and inspirational blog. So, thank you!"
I like Abbey's poise & confidence in the top picture. The crop would be an improvement, but then I copy the heck out of portraits, so its possible to go too far the other way. In this case the most important elements are her face, the petals, her dress, and the bush behind her works well as the background.

Very creative!
These are really great. The greyscaling is perfect!
Malinda this picture of the petals and me came out great i like the bushes in the background.
The beauty of black and white!
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