Thursday, April 07, 2005


little pink piggy

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Nice one here! the pig is real cute! nice expose here! light is perfect
Very nice stilllife :-)
Very nice shot!
Perfect exp/light.
ohh..Waht a cute piggy..Very lovely picture. The light is beautiful !!!
está guay este tb, mola la perspectiva y la luz, y el bicho parece q llevó una hostia en tos los morros, ijijijij

saluditos :)
hi malinda!! i don't know why..but i like so much this one shot! i like all this sunlight..also the sobject. you are very professional.
Fantastic shot, it's just too cute. The lighting is really amazing and it has this very soft sense to it. Excelent shot!
A contemplative pig basking in the warm afternoon sun, legs slightly crossed suggesting that he has all the time in the world to ponder life's deeper mysteries; the filmy white curtains and bright light create a surreal feel. I love this picture!!!
Josh White
This is classic....
beautiful! i love the soft tones in this picture... and how the piglet stands out. great shot
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