Monday, April 11, 2005


flower girl

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Ah, very nice!!
Are you trainning this girl to be a model? She can be one becasue she is so "natural" and not camera shy; I only wish my bugs will be the same....
Beautiful shots! amazing work! the left one is just one of the best macro work i have seen! the colours and the tenderness of the hand holding it is just amazing!amazing dof! the right one too is just an amazing capture! beautiful colours!
What pretty photos, so lovely!!

Rika/moo moo
Beautiful photos, the one of the left side is perfect.
Stunning...Lovely and beautiful shots...I really loved these...You have a great eye..
Love the pic with the hand holding the flowers. Great control on the depth of field.
I really loved the natural beauty of the one on the left. The colors are so clear and intense!
~fantastic images~
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